3 Steps To Take After Being Charged With A Domestic Violence Offense

The court system takes domestic violence charges very seriously, and if you are charged with a domestic violence offense it can drastically change your life. How you react after being charged can make a big difference in how your future will play out, so it is important to think things through and make the right decisions. Take the following steps after being charged with a domestic violence offense: Understand the Consequences [Read More]

Does Your Lawyer Have To Prove Your Innocence In Court If You Are On Trial?

If you are on trial for a criminal offense, this could be anything from theft to murder, and you need to get the judge and/or jury to see the possibility that you are innocent. This is where reasonable doubt comes into play at trials. Your lawyer, in a sense, doesn't have to prove absolutely that you didn't commit the crime; they just need to plant the seed of doubt in the juror's head. [Read More]

Don't Think You Deserved The Traffic Ticket? 3 Ways To Fight It In Court

You just got a traffic ticket that you don't think you deserved. Don't panic. You don't have to simply pay the fine and forget about it. If you think your ticket was unwarranted, you do have legal recourses available to you. Here are three challenges you can bring up in court that might get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. The Officer's Conclusion Was Subjective Officers give tickets based on their own professional observations. [Read More]

Alternative Sentencing: A Most Unusual Situation

With nearly 1.4 million persons arrested for DUI offences and approximately 51 percent of those in jail having a drug- or alcohol-related case, there is a growing concern on the effectiveness of prison sentencing in effecting change in convicted offenders. Considering that jails are getting severely overcrowded, there is now a growing trend of issuing alternative sentencing, especially for first-time offenders. While the sentences can be as creative as the judge warrants, it is restricted by the 8th amendment that specifies that punishment cannot be cruel and unusual. [Read More]