Sex Crime Convictions And Offender Registration: What You Should Know

Being convicted of a sex crime can be devastating to your future. Unfortunately, most convicted sex offenders are forced to report to the sex offender registry in their state for many years after their release from prison. And, the way the laws are written, even something as seemingly innocent as public urination can land you on the sex offender registry. Here's a look at what you need to know about the registry and your options for getting rid of your registration mandate.

Is The Sex Offender Registry Only Local To Your State?

When you get a court order to register as a sex offender, it's important that you understand what the registry is and what it means. Most convicted sex offenders, even those convicted of misdemeanors such as indecent exposure, are required to maintain their information on a sex offender registry for a certain number of years. 

While each state maintains its own registry, the information is also aggregated into a federal registry that's accessible by law enforcement and federal agencies. This federal registry is accessible across the country, so anyone registered will be identified as a sex offender by law enforcement if a background check is necessary for any reason.

How Long Is Your Sex Offender Registration?

Understanding the sex offender registry is the first step when you're looking for a way to get your name removed. You also need to know how long your registration will be. When you received your court order to register, it should have included a timeframe during which you must maintain your registration. That registration period can vary from one year to lifetime registration depending on the crime you were convicted of.

Can You Remove Your Sex Offender Registration?

Many registered sex offenders find themselves wondering if there's any way to remove the registration requirement and get their names off the registry. The truth is that, with most sex offenses, that can be difficult. In fact, with any sex crime conviction involving children, it's typically impossible to remove the registration requirement.

However, if you can work with a sex crimes attorney to prove that you were wrongfully convicted or to show that you have been rehabilitated and are not a threat, you might be able to remove your registration requirement for minor convictions. 

If you have any questions or issues related to your sex offense conviction or your registration requirements, reach out to a sex crimes lawyer right away for help and guidance.