Understanding Taint Hearings For Children's Statements

Despite the fact that children are typically recognized for their honesty, sometimes young children make false statements or claims either unknowingly or in an attempt to please an authority figure, such as a parent. If you're facing criminal charges due to a false or misleading statement made by a child, you may have the right to request a taint hearing. Here's a look at what you should know about taint hearings and false statements made by minors. [Read More]

What Can You Do If Your Child Is Being Cyberbullied?

Cyberbullying is something that is very new in criminal law, and this is because it is something that happens through electronic devices. Even 10 years ago, electronic devices were not nearly as popular, but today everyone has them. If your teen child is being cyberbullied, you may wonder what you can do about it, and here are a few things you should know. You might be able to get something done through your child's school [Read More]

Providing Evidence You Were Not Involved In A Robbery Attempt

If you were arrested under the presumption you had committed a robbery of a small business and you were not involved in the actions you are being charged with, you will undoubtedly want to work at devising a defense plan to clear your name. Theft crime accusations are usually handled with the help of a knowledgeable attorney to come up with a strategy in showing you were not the perpetrator. Here are some tips you can use to help convince a judge and jury that you were arrested unjustly in an attempt to have all charges dropped as a result. [Read More]

What Every New College Student Should Know About Drug Charges

Every new college student should know about drugs. Not just why they're bad for you but also some of the surprising ways that they can cause you serious legal and financial trouble. This is what you should know. 1.) It doesn't matter if the drugs aren't yours. Most new college students end up with roommates that they didn't even know prior to the start of the school year. Some of those roommates may use drugs recreationally or habitually—they may even sell them. [Read More]