The Key Importance Of Retaining An Experienced Drug Crimes Attorney

A criminal charge of drug possession, drug manufacturing, or intent to sell can carry hefty civil and criminal penalties. These punishments can land you in jail and force you to pay fines ranging in the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

However, both federal and state law permits you to defend yourself against such a charge. Your first move in your defense can involve hiring an experienced drug crimes attorney to represent you.

Arguing Down Charges

A knowledgeable drug crimes attorney may be able to argue down the criminal charges against you. For example, the prosecutor might have charged you with a felony based on the number of controlled substances found in your possession at the time of your arrest. A felony conviction could land you in prison for years and result in a steep fine.

However, your drug crimes attorney might convince the prosecutor to bring down the charge to a misdemeanor based on questioning the weight or amount of the drugs. He or she may also use evidence like the lack of a prior criminal record or your good standing in the community to argue down the charges against you.

Proving Innocence

An adept drug crimes attorney may also be able to prove the drugs found in your possession were not actually yours. For example, if you let someone else drive your car earlier in the day, you might have reason to suspect the drugs belong to that person instead of you.

Further, your drug crimes attorney may be able to provide evidence that someone else planted the drugs in your vehicle or placed them in your purse. This evidence might be sufficient to get the charges against you lowered or dismissed entirely.

Arguing in Court

Finally, your drug crimes attorney can argue for you in court if you want to take your case to a jury trial. He or she can present solid evidence proving your side of the argument. Your drug crimes attorney can also refute evidence the prosecutor brings to court and instill doubt in the jurors' minds. You may receive a verdict of innocence by hiring a drug crimes attorney to represent you in court.

An experienced drug crimes attorney can be a valuable legal asset after you are arrested and charged. This lawyer might argue down the charges against you to a misdemeanor. He or she may also prove your innocence using facts in the case and argue for you effectively in court. For more information, contact a drug crimes attorney near you.