What Can You Do If Your Child Is Being Cyberbullied?

Cyberbullying is something that is very new in criminal law, and this is because it is something that happens through electronic devices. Even 10 years ago, electronic devices were not nearly as popular, but today everyone has them. If your teen child is being cyberbullied, you may wonder what you can do about it, and here are a few things you should know.

You might be able to get something done through your child's school

The first step you may want to take in this situation is visiting the principal at your child's school. In many cases, it is another student that is doing the bullying, and most schools are now taking this subject very seriously. While every school has its own policies on this, there is a good chance your teen's school already has strict rules in place relating to this.

If a student is cyberbullying another student, the school might suspend the student from school for a period of time. If this is a second offense against the bully, he or she might be suspended indefinitely from the school. The only way you will know what the school will do is to visit the school. When you do this, bring the evidence you have so that you can prove what is going on.

There are few laws about this subject

Because cyberbullying is a problem that is relatively new, there are very few laws in place about it, and this is one of the reasons it can be difficult for parents. Parents do not always know how to handle this or what their rights are. In some states, there are laws in place already about this, and a person could get criminal charges for this.

As more cases appear on this subject, states will continue to create laws to protect people. This is an important subject today, because there have been so many cases of teen suicides due to cyberbullying. Cyberbullying can destroy a person's life and self-esteem, and this is why you will want to put a stop to it as soon as it begins happening to your child.

Talk to a criminal lawyer to find out what your rights are

If you are not sure what to do about this and are having problems getting the bully to stop, you may want to talk to a criminal lawyer like Rosselli & Abramovitz, LLC to find out what your rights are in your state.