Providing Evidence You Were Not Involved In A Robbery Attempt

If you were arrested under the presumption you had committed a robbery of a small business and you were not involved in the actions you are being charged with, you will undoubtedly want to work at devising a defense plan to clear your name. Theft crime accusations are usually handled with the help of a knowledgeable attorney to come up with a strategy in showing you were not the perpetrator. Here are some tips you can use to help convince a judge and jury that you were arrested unjustly in an attempt to have all charges dropped as a result.

Prove Your Real Whereabouts When The Incident Occurred

It is important to show evidence regarding your true whereabouts when the robbery had taken place. This can be done with hard evidence from cell phone records, ATM statements if you had used a banking card around the incident time, receipts from businesses you had patronized up to and after the incident happened, and GPS history to show where your vehicle was located during the robbery. It is important to retain as many witnesses as possible to help show you were not near the business that had been robbed. If you were in the business during the robbery attempt and others were not present to verify your identity, you will need to rely on comparison tactics to show you were not the person who had committed the crime.

Show That The Perpetrator Has Different Features Than Your Own

Many businesses have surveillance cameras on-site to protect their products and money from theft. If the business that had been robbed has footage of the incident, it can be analyzed to compare your features against the robber's stature and demeanor. Your attorney will hire a professional to take a close look at the footage in determining differences between your physical characteristics as well as the gestures you make compared to that of the perpetrator. This evidence will be used in court to help in proving your case. It may be helpful to dress in the same type of apparel the robber had been wearing and have photographs taken of you in the same stances the robber had showed on tape. This will show any differences in a hard format.

If there was no surveillance, the shopkeeper's description of the perpetrator will need to be compared to your features. Your photograph can be shown to this person to see if they show doubt in having caught the correct person. This doubt will in turn cause doubt in the jury, possibly helping your case in the end.

Stick With The Facts And Maintain Your Demeanor During Court Processes

Being accused of a crime you did not commit is bound to make you upset. It is however, important to do your best to maintain a positive attitude throughout the court process. If you tend to exude your distaste in the matter at hand, it may be portrayed as anger, possibly making the jury and judge think you are a violent person or that you are showing signs of defensiveness. It is best to remain calm and answer all questions truthfully. Do not interrupt during the process as well. Maintaining an aura of a complacent citizen will be helpful in showing your overall attitude does not match that of someone who committed a crime.