Don't Think You Deserved The Traffic Ticket? 3 Ways To Fight It In Court

You just got a traffic ticket that you don't think you deserved. Don't panic. You don't have to simply pay the fine and forget about it. If you think your ticket was unwarranted, you do have legal recourses available to you. Here are three challenges you can bring up in court that might get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether. The Officer's Conclusion Was Subjective Officers give tickets based on their own professional observations. [Read More]

Alternative Sentencing: A Most Unusual Situation

With nearly 1.4 million persons arrested for DUI offences and approximately 51 percent of those in jail having a drug- or alcohol-related case, there is a growing concern on the effectiveness of prison sentencing in effecting change in convicted offenders. Considering that jails are getting severely overcrowded, there is now a growing trend of issuing alternative sentencing, especially for first-time offenders. While the sentences can be as creative as the judge warrants, it is restricted by the 8th amendment that specifies that punishment cannot be cruel and unusual. [Read More]

Defenses To Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence (DV) is a crime such as stalking, assault, battery or harassment committed against a family member or someone living in your home. Some states have separate statutes for domestic violence, while others group these laws with other assault statutes. If the state can prove that the crime victim is a household or family member, charges are typically enhanced, but in some cases people are falsely accused. In this article, you will learn about possible defenses to domestic violence charges. [Read More]

A Reasonable Look At Duty To Retreat And Legally Proving Self-Defense Was Justified

The ability to defend yourself against an armed, violent home intruder is usually guaranteed under the law. Not every state, however, prescribes to the same statutes regarding self-protection. Failing to adhere to the rules associated with a "duty to retreat" could lead to criminal charges. To avoid legal woes, learn what duty to retreat means and, if charged, seek out a criminal defense attorney capable of effectively establishing that your actions were legally reasonable. [Read More]