The Importance Of Hiring A Good Divorce Lawyer To Represent Your Case

When you and your spouse decide to end your marriage, you may really want to trust this other person to have your best interests at heart. You might be tempted to allow them to decide important matters like whether or not you can take a shared car or remove certain items from the house.

However, before you agree to anything your spouse proposes, you need to make sure your legal and financial interests are fully protected. You can get the legal advice you need and gain an important advocate in the case by retaining an experienced divorce lawyer to represent you.

Access to Marital Assets

Your spouse might try to bar you from accessing some or all of your shared marital assets. For example, this person might try to withdraw all of the money out of your joint bank account. Your spouse may also try to lay claim to the house or any cars you share together.

However, your divorce attorney can file a petition right away to ensure you get half of any marital assets that can be liquidated right away. You may receive half of the money in any joint bank accounts. You may also get one of the cars or access to the shared marital home, particularly if your minor children still live with you.

Protection from Abuse Order

If the divorce case becomes contentious and your safety or that of your children is at risk, you can hire a divorce lawyer to file a protection from abuse order for you. This order requires your spouse to stay away from you and your children during the case. It can protect you from being intimidated or physically harmed as you file for and pursue your divorce in court.

Child and Spousal Support

Finally, your divorce lawyer can determine if you are eligible for spousal and child support. You may be entitled to receive financial support for the minor children you share with your spouse. You may also be entitled to spousal support if you are a stay-at-home parent or lack adequate immediate financial means to support you and your children until you can obtain a sufficient job.

A divorce lawyer can provide important legal services to you when you want to end your marriage. This attorney can ensure you gain access to shared marital assets. Your lawyer can also file for a protection from abuse order if needed and petition the court for spousal and child support for you.

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