Using Divorce Attorney Services To File And Finish Your Case Promptly

When you decide to end your marriage, you want to get through the ensuing legal process as quickly as possible. You do not want the case to linger in court for months. You want to move on with your life and start anew as a single person.

However, your case can get bogged down or possibly even stalled entirely if you were to handle it on your own. You can speed up the process and get through the case as promptly as possible by hiring divorce attorney services to represent you.

Getting Your Case on the Docket

When you have experienced divorce attorney services working for you, you can get your case on the court's docket as quickly as possible after you file. Your attorney will know to what court clerk to send your case's paperwork and can also maintain contact with the court to ensure that your case gets on the docket for a hearing promptly.

With divorce attorney services working on your case, you might make your first court appearance just a few weeks after you file. Your case may also be decided and settled in a matter of months, allowing you to get a fresh start in life quickly.

Petitioning for Marital Assets

As much as you want your case to be settled quickly, you do not want to forfeit your right to marital assets that you are legally entitled to. Your divorce attorney services can make sure your petition for marital asset division is included with your initial petition. Your lawyer can ask the court to award you half of the shared marital assets if you live in a communal property state. 

Filing for Reinstatement of Your Maiden Name

Finally, if you changed your last name when you got married, then you can have your divorce attorney services file for a name change petition on your behalf. You are required to ask the court to reinstate your maiden name if you changed it to your spouse's surname after you got married. If you fail to make this petition, then your last name will remain the same. Your divorce attorney services can include this petition in your divorce case if you prefer.

Divorce attorney services can benefit you once you decide to end your marriage. Your lawyer can get your case on the docket quickly, file for fair marital asset division and petition to reinstate your name.