3 Things To Ask A Personal Injury Attorney During Your Consultation

When you have a personal injury case that you want to find an attorney to represent you on, you are going to interview a few personal injury businesses via free consultations to check it out. A free consultation is an opportunity for both you and the attorney to see if you want to work with one another. When it comes to your consultation, there are a few things you are going to want to get the attorney's perspective on in order to figure out if they are a good fit for you.

What Do You Think of My Case? 

One of the big things you need to ask the personal injury attorney during the consultation process is what they think of your case after you explain the facts as you know them. Your attorney works with personal liability cases on a regular basis, and they should have developed the professional ability to look at a case and see if the evidence, as present, represents a strong or weak case.

Granted, without digging into the case, an attorney is not going to be able to give you a complete evaluation. But they should be able to tell you if the evidence and the information you have presented to them looks like it builds a solid case or not.

How Will You Determine the Impact of My Injuries?

Next, you are going to want to ask your attorney how they will determine the impact of your injuries. An experienced attorney will let you know all the information that they need to make that determination.

They should let you know that they will need narrative reports that go into all the issues that you had to work through as well narrative reports that describe the impact of your injuries on your long-term health and welfare going forward.

No attorney should just be able to tell you off the top of their head how much they think you can get in medical costs through a lawsuit. They should discuss how they will review your medical records and ask for a narrative report, and perhaps expert testimony, in order to determine the impact of your injuries and what value should be assigned to those injures.

How Much Money Can I Get?

This is a trick question, because a good attorney is not just going to pull a number off the top of their head. Instead, they are going to discuss with you the different things that you can ask for compensation for, such as medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. They should explain to you the different options you have for damages, and let you know what they will examine when figuring that out for your case.

When you have a consultation with a personal injury attorney, it is as much about what they don't say as what they do say. They shouldn't promise that they know the outcome of your case or how much money you can get. They should let you know the value of the information you have presented and what else they would need to gather information on in order to determine if you have a strong case and what type of compensation they should ask for. You want a personal injury attorney who doesn't have the answer to all your questions at your consultation, but is willing to find the answers.