Additional Consequences Of A DUI With A Child In Your Vehicle

Making the decision to operate a vehicle after you've had too much to drink is a bad one however you look at it, but things are even more serious when you drive with a child in the car. Such an offense seems improbable, but people frequently get pulled over for drunk driving and have a child in the backseat. The ramifications of this charge are serious, so you'll want a seasoned DUI attorney to represent you. One of the biggest issues with a DUI while traveling with a child is that there are many additional consequences that you can face. Here are three.

Additional Charges

Additional charges are possible when you've been arrested for driving while intoxicated and have a child in the vehicle with you. The state may seek to put a number of charges on you, based on the severity of the incident, but a common charge that you can expect is one for child endangerment. A good defense attorney — perhaps the same one you've hired to help you with your DUI charge — may be able to assist you in fighting the child endangerment charge. Either way, you're looking at a pair of serious charges because of your bad decision.

Potential Custody Problems

If you happen to be divorced and are sharing custody of your child with your ex, a DUI charge with your child in the vehicle can have serious consequences for your custody. For example, upon learning of this charge, your ex may hire an attorney and file to have the custody arrangement changed. He or she may look to obtain full custody, and given that you've been charged with a serious offense that put the life of your child in jeopardy, you may have an uphill battle proving that you should be able to retain custody of the child.

A Report To Child Protective Services

It's possible that Child Protective Services may get involved in the wake of your child endangerment charge. This protective organization frequently looks into situations in which people are charged with crimes that jeopardize the safety of their children, and this can lead to a lot of hassles. While the probability of your child being taken away might be low, there's a higher risk if you've had previous encounters with Child Protective Services for other concerning issues related to your children. Each of these consequences should serve as another reminder of the risks of driving after drinking.