Are You Playing DUI Russian Roulette? Four Ways To Get Your Life Back

Unfortunately, about a million and a half people are arrested for drunk driving every year. If you're one of them, the sooner you turn your life around, the better. Before more havoc is wreaked on your life and before a tragedy befalls it, do something. Being proactive about your problem is the only way to solve it. Here are four ways to get you headed in the right direction.

Have A Heart-To-Heart With Your Lawyer

Talk with your attorney about where you stand in the eye's of the court. Are you just one conviction away from going to jail? How long will you lose your license for if you're charged with DUI again? The answers to these questions will open your eyes to the severity of your circumstances. No matter how capable your lawyer is of defending you, repeated charges of DUI can easily ruin your life. You'll have difficulty getting to a job, and who knows how far downhill life will go for you from there? Talk to your lawyer and most importantly, listen to what they have to say.

Don't Deny Your Problem. Deal With It Through A Program

Sometimes, the court looks favorably on defendants who volunteer for alcohol rehab. Depending on the specifics of your case, making an effort to become sober through professional intervention could be favorable to your case; however, to really turn the experience into a life-changing event, you must be committed to the program, not just using it to win over a judge.

Police Yourself With An Ignition Interlock

These devices prevent you from starting your vehicle if your blood alcohol level is not within the legal limits. Many states depend on these machines to prevent repeated offenses and require them as part of restricted driving agreements. No matter what consequences you're facing in your own case, ask your lawyer if installing the device on your vehicle is a viable option. An ignition interlock could serve as your personal watchdog, helping you to avoid further conflicts with the law and to learn more about the personal problems you're facing with alcohol. What many people think is "sober" driving is actually impaired, illegal and dangerous, but the device paints a very clear, undeniable picture for you. In fact, the Center for Disease Control recommends ignition locks for all DUI cases.

Consider The Benefits Of Carpooling

Whether your DUI charge(s) stem from leaving a bar or your home following a session of drinking, it's important that you immerse yourself in situations where there's no alcohol involved at all. Being around sober people will support your intentions of sobriety and carpooling can be a socially supportive activity. In the beginning, when it may be the most difficult to quit your habit, being a sober passenger will be good practice for you. You need to expand your horizons away from bars and booze and onto things healthier and safer. Having the support of other people as you attempt this metamorphosis is essential to your success.

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